LCP Financial Limited Acquisition

LCP Financial Limited Acquisition

The directors are pleased to announce that a final share purchase agreement has been reached between ourselves and the target company.

The only remaining issue is the vote before Lombard Capital PLC’s shareholders on the 25th May, which once completed favorably will result in complete control of all the bond issuance and portal usage capability being encapsulated into our overall group program.

In the interim, we are book building a number of varying assets in size and composition to fit within the LCP Financial Ltd 4% 5 year bond for full marketability to Institutions and Accredited investors both affiliated to and held within our group.

This enables SBS Portal Ltd to grow its product line exponentially in the multi-lateral fixed income and correspondingly the equity market for the common use of each participating sub issuer.

It is envisaged there will be up to six projects covered within each batch or section of the growth curve of our developing system, which will cover a number of operational subsidiaries varying from property, sports, entertainment and financial divisions both individually and collectively.

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