LCP Financial LTD.

LCP Financial LTD.

The Directors of SBS Group Limited are pleased to announce their agreement to purchase the issued share capital of LCP Financial Limited and its LCP Financial 4% Bond expiring 31st January 2027, listed on the Wiener Boerse Market (GB00BJ11J635)

The consideration is being satisfied by the issue of 1,367,858 new ordinary shares of SBS Group Limited at £2.80 per share, giving a net consideration of £3,830,000

The rational for buying LCP allows the Company to encapsulate the bonds within our subsidiary, SBS Commercial Finance Limited, which is designed to refine property bridging and to reduce costs for our client base of developers. This will allow us to further develop our SBS Portal product line.

Lombard Capital PLC, the seller of LCP, needs to obtain shareholder approval before the deal can be closed. For further information contact

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