Systems Working Update

Systems Working Update

We are pleased to begin scheduling our additional participants and our book of products and facilities that are uniquely provided to our widening and growing client base.

We list the participants (both actual and proposed) hereunder and provide on our annexed page, a detailed synopsis of the work in progress for each company and transaction. 

  1. AMT Group & Subsidiaries
  2. Sohi Group & Subsidiaries

A.M.T Group

A.M.T Global Investments Ltd

Having assisted in the restructuring program we are proceeding to dematerialisation and multilateral electronic enablement for trading via Bloomberg Portal.

We have optionalised for the company a limited private placing with a leading UK investments house and engaged a leading market maker to provide daily quotes via the TOMS system available from Bloomberg.

For the moment this will remain an equity placing order.

A.M.T Vehicle Rental Ltd

The primary current driving force of the group covering all facets of the renting, leasing, sales and purchase of vehicles; commercial, standard and luxury cars, both electric, hybrid and others, initially the provisions are for a dual approach;

  1. A similarly enhanced structure equity conversion into electronic format as with A.M.T Global Investments for immediate entry into the global custody and trading system. Identically a limited private placing led by a leading UK investment house, is being worked on.
  2. A drawdown revolving financing program coordinated through a 5-year listed bond offering, is to run concurrently with the equity format. Utilisation will be via LCP Financial 4% 2027 units, which are currently Vienna and Bloomberg traded.

The growing needs of the burgeoning H.P (Hire Purchase) business and its requirements it is highly anticipated will be covered within a hybrid arrangement that will be designed specifically for the company. These instruments will be electronic, tradeable and likely interchangeable because of the dedicated market needs. It is envisioned that multiple categories will be utilised to allow unique flexibility to the company and group for its growth and positioning.

A.M.T Group Members

We are pleased to confirm we are widening the scope of facilities available to enable reconstruction and development of its varying projects including property and technology expansion.

Sohi Group

A group of companies in sports branding property and investment arenas based in the UK.

Sohi Group Property Portfolio; Operating through Devoron Estates Ltd.

Having built up such a diverse network through its sports business and having natural property exposure interests in numerous parts of the U.K, a participatory use of the bond mechanism, given its capability and listing criteria enhances their flexibility enormously. We have offered terms on substantive proposed transactions currently in the pipeline.

Lombard Capital PLC / LCP Financial Ltd.

We are pleased to update the proposed transaction to be inclusive of Lombard Capital PLC and all of its subsidiaries and consequently, we have enhanced our offer to 2,100,000 shares in total, subject to the approval of the company and its shareholders at a required shareholders meeting.

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