LCP Financial LTD

LCP Financial LTD

We are pleased to announce an offer has been submitted for the entire share capital, bond capability and marketability, of all products emanating from the company in the amount of 1,660,000 shares of SBS stock in an all share offer.

This acquisition, we can further confirm, has been approved by a majority holding in the necessary voting requirements from Lombard Capital Plc and we now look forward to a closing within 21 days.

This enhances our already open capacity to issue and transact through our portal arrangements electronically, any security, bond, product devised or derived from any private companies’ equity and we are particularly happy to see the market becoming open in its outlook citing the Saturday 15th January 2022 Reuters announcement about the London Stock Exchange moving into this area.

We remain entirely confident that our lead on the market and our strong client base and its diversity, will produce outstanding results for our company and its shareholders.

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