Final Update of 2021

Final Update of 2021

We are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached on the contracted purchase of Gemstone assets from BPMT Growth Strategy Ltd. It has been established that an exchange of 712,500,000 shares take place for the assets listed as under, with the provision of an S.K.R to conclude the transaction.

Category 1                    0-100 Carats   

12,410              vs          $558,448,000

Category 2                   100-200 Carats

29,310              vs          $1,318,950,000

Total                           $1,887,418,000

This consolidates the full share capital at 960,000,000 shares which will be processed into multilateral format for Crest / Euroclear enablement.

Thereafter, transactional capability will be effected by a dedicated trading page on a Bloomberg portal TOMS system to facilitate securities globally for investors.

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