SBS Group LTD.

Incorporated in 1996

The SBS umbrella covers a wide scope, catering to the financial needs of our clients.
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We are revolutionising private investment. Creating a totally open market system. Making private securities electronically compatible for purchase or sale using Bloomberg as our portal facilitator.

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Meet the Team

Richard Murray

Richard Alan Murray is the Company’s Director and has substantial expertise in the management and building of businesses.

Jurg Walker

Jurg joined the board of Directors on the 20th of September 2021. He is a European portfolio manager and investor from Switzerland.

Terry Ramsden

Executive Director
Terry also joined the board of Directors on 20th September 2021. He has been an entrepreneur for 50 years, with unparalleled securities experience.

We’re committed to help businesses grow.


The company is engaging between many private companies in a variety of sectors seeking to make their securities electronically compatible for purchase or sale in order to cover fundraising capabilities. 

We have significant experience with high yield, investment grade and convertible notes offerings, including financing for leverage acquisitions.

SBS Group has since been introduced to numerous companies and intends to sign them up through this mechanism which will be linked to Bloomberg via a central custodian which will allow both a platform and avenue for their stock to be executed.


By allowing people to invest in private securities, we let people invest in the ground floor on amazing projects. 

This system allows people to invest directly in private companies that aren’t yet even listed on any exchange!

Being able to invest in private companies allows people to be involved in companies with huge potential before they are listed on markets.  

Listing on a market costs hundreds of thousands of pounds, and by the time a company has reached this point, investors have missed out on their best profits. 

We allow you to get in early, and reap all the rewards. 

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Our Projects

We have over 25 years experience in this industry

Commercial Finance

Direct project financing with high end Private loans.

Pure Equity Financing

Direct financing for equity in companies.

Private Company Investing

Bespoke investment catering to our clients needs.

The SBS Portal

Purchasing of electronic securities in companies listed through Bloomberg.

SBS group

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